Talk about B-station membership purchase / early cost-effective / magic reward

To put it between conclusions, in most cases, I do not recommend that you continue to use member purchases. Delete the r
eview... Customer service kicks the ball... Under various problems, as far as I am concerned, the experience of B-station member purchase is very poor.


If you come to this article through Baidu, indicating that my ranking is still good: xwx17: I personally through t
he beep mile members to buy a total of more than 30 hands to do, magic reward before and after throwing thousands into, early cost-effective also robbed a lot of times, so this article is a comprehensive my ecosystem written, you do not need this article as a standard, only for reference.

Member purchase

Scenic products

In terms of scenery, B station all the scenery rice in 99 and above, but also 15R freight, when you change to Taobao will find the same hand, Taobao sold 49 yuan, full 199 also package mail, so in B station to buy scenic goods how much I do not repeat.

Ordinary hands-on

A little more expensive plus a B-station coupon is cheaper, but the problem lies in another issue mentioned below, after-sales.


I bought the first sound 50cm big plush toys in early July (no early cost-effective, the last price is the original price), after hand I have served ... Fufu full of lines, all kinds of open lines, as well as scarred face, and finally put the points to customer service response, customer service told me that this is a normal workman,
absolutely.... So I spent 600 to buy a plush toy but also their own stitches to make up, made an afternoon is barely able to see, plush toys so, hand-held after-sales not to mention, in B station, after-sales service whether it is attitude or solutions, and shops are far from.

Delete the review

B station members buy a comprehensive order, supplement, receipt, evaluation, but all this is in the hands of station B, so when I give fufu plush toys to give a Samsung evaluation (I did not scold much...) Just say the winning day did not pass, my comments inexply disappeared, and then found that many people's comments have been deleted, when asking customer service customer service deliberately avoid talking, absolutely.

It's a good deal early

This is actually I quite like, after all, grabbed twice, but the most disgusting is actually B station before the release of a few first-sounders to do that back, the next single will suddenly exceed the verification code, and many users have appeared even if the pair can not pass the situation, including me, there are many people's payment success time has exceeded 10S, and early cost-effective.


In fact, the big hand to do after the grab is still a conscience (to the students to grab white photo album hand-made, and finally reduced hundreds of, the scenery of the province, often will not be able to rob, not to mention now engaged in verification code things this

(Early cost-effective does not superimpose with coupons)

Magic reward

It's not much to say, don't touch it, unless you really think one in ten thousand is
you. (Station B will deliberately put the comments on the front page of the member purchase,
don't hook oh: xwx22: ) But I am an intellectually disabled person (: xwx3: three times in a union, each time hit 500-600 finally nothing out, Before the first time was planning that meeting, smashed more than 500 and finally gave me six key fobs (recycling re-pumping) (July I
: six key fobs are only 500) (I hooked up but is it worth it: xwx25:)

pumped to slip away quickly

The third time I should actually be able to earn, spent more than 200 to draw a 300 clay man, but the back of the head, and hit 500 into, and finally spent 700 to buy a clay man grass (


It's not that members are buying nothing, but there are problems that can't be avoided, which has outsoe-eaten advantages in this regard. And don't talk abo
ut anything else, just delete all the bad reviews and I'm not going to use it anymore (there are 15 tails to go.... In short, is the scener
y do not buy in B station, big hand can eat a relief but still have to worry about the attention of the winning problem, because customer service and after-sales is really fairy.

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