Add journaling for Typecho


As above, add a journal feature to your theme, which is actually useful

to determine whether to display a comment box

Stand-alone pages

First create a separate page template, the name is actually casual, here I create a diary .php and then still th
e beginning of the customary template

After creating the page is still the theme page copy over this I wi
ll not demonstrate, we copy it yourself but pay
attention to, to delete the theme of the content output part (in fact, you can retain, look at yourself)


The so-called diary page is to create a separate page, only you can comment at the bottom, because I am a personal blog, no other users, so directly log in to display the comment box can be

Note that this place is not added to the diary.php, you need to create a comment file separately, copy an original comment file on it, name it as generals-diary.php on the line, and then add haslogin to the comment box location (where the mailbox name is) and end up with one

End, but comment styles can't always be the same as regular comments (if you don't hate it
) You can rewrite a comment style or use the say style you added to the theme's home page
(above) If everyone is too lazy to write, you can comment and tell me that I can post the one I wrote on Nexmoe

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