Xiaomi Bracelet 5 experience


Smartwatches I've bought a lot of, ZTE ZW10, MOTO360 Generation, Samsung gear sport and Samsung gearS3, the most satisfying of which is the ZW10, if you've read my article in 18 years, you can see that I mentioned this watch in many articles. The bracelet has so far only bought the NFC version of Xi
aomi Bracelet 3, and then sent it directly with too few features, most recently using Samsung's Gear S3 Pioneer, in addition to the battery life: Can also accept it, is sleep monitoring a bit metaphysical, after all, sleep six hours and four hours of deep sleep I do not dare to believe. As to why from OPP
O and Xiaomi to choose, it goes without saying, after all, the latest two are these two; OPPO I am looking at blood oxygen monitoring and there is an EVA limited version, Xiaomi is the technology and home of the rice equipment linkage.


My final starting price is 224 yuan (Taobao Suning store), the follow-up do not know whether it will reduce prices.

Out of the box

I didn't take the picture, overall OK, I was more than 1 a.m. under the order, and finally at three or four o'clo
ck in the afternoon to get. 200 yuan packaging is not much better, compared to OPPO packaging is quite
good. A magnetic suction charger (without charging head), bracelet body (on state), a manual.


I think OPPO that hollow design is quite good, is to bring an OPPO LOGO is not very good-looking, Xiaomi's words there is no LOGO, relative to OPPO more slender, not very good-looking or ugly.


In this regard, I absolutely want to give bad reviews, Xiaomi Sports latest version is currently unable to normally pair Xiaomi bracelet 5, although not sure is not my problem, but another blogger's Rice Ring 4 also appeared in the same situation; But things did not end wearing a bracelet after three days of s
leep, found that Xiaomi wearing APP sleep analysis is obviously problematic, the second half of each sleep is automatically ignored, all recorded as light sleep, the same case, in the third-party app Notify obviously can be normal analysis, and more times the number of turns on the display
. I am not used to Xiaomi wearing I am ready to change to the next door amazift (said to be for Huami equipment), but the problem came again, I returned to the factory after the pair did not find that this APP is not supported Xiaomi bracelet
5.... Repeatedly toss a few times, and finally under the play store Xiaomi Sports APP can be paired normally, is now also in use.


This watch has a bit of a hand, from time to time picked up a look will find the obvious print (I am the kind of loose uncomfortable kind), if you change to magnetic suction straps and so on will be a little more comfortable.


(Not listing the existing functions, just listing the functions I know, and in use) lifti
ng the wrist bright screen is not unusual, mainly sensitivity, Xiaomi this can be adjusted separately, use down is still go
od. It was supposed to be blood-oxygen monitoring before it was released, but unfortunately it didn't work
when it was finally released. Small love students turn on air conditioning, turn on the lights a
nd so on can meet (little love students still can't talk) pressure detection, PAI, larger color screen what I actually have a little sen
seless, can use on the line: xwx17: (bus card currently supports Beijing card on nothing to say, it is worth mentioning that if you are used to wearing with your left
hand, swipe card will be very awkward.) The door card simulation function I
can't use at the moment, it's not good to evaluate. Screen unlock (notebook, Android smart lock) is supported, but I still haven't turned it on fo
r security reasons. All-day sleep monitoring can be liked, but it's better to sleep well at night (recently bought two mobile sleep apps : xwx3: ) sedent sed
ent warning: Notification reminders and bracelets cut songs and volume up there is nothing to say, normal
operation. Features such as remote photography are available to me. (T
he smart alarm function can be turned on in a third-party APP and wakes up after more than 30 minutes of shallow sleep, which sounds great, but it calls me up on time every time: I'm obsessed))

battery life

Charge the fast use of slow, I use about 10 percent a day bar (all day even cell phone and heart rate test, I belong to heavy use, from time to time look at the time, cut a song: . . Turn on the air conditioner, turn on the lights or something).


Price is quite cheap, not yet a key foil expensive, these days use down quite good, it is worth starting, but look at the parameters, comprehensive down compared to rice ring 4 upgrade is not very big, so there is no need for rice ring 4 with a new generation, I put on the basic will not leave hand, although there is a small love students at home, but every time to call it very troublesome, now lift the wrist slip, you can direct
ly control the home air conditioning table lamp quite cool (mobile phone client, Xiaomi wearing UI is good, But data analysis is a bit of a problem (I don't know if it's my personal problem), currently can only use the Play version of Xiaomi exercise (don't know how data analysis, after the change has not slept), Notify's words can be set up in some very detailed, such as with NSFW keyword notification will not be passed to the bracelet what hhhh (this APP I also don't play to understand, and it can be paired rice weight, can be normal analysis, is currently about 400 yen, Everyone has the ability to
directly buy genuine) functional aspects for me enough, if the next few generations can increase blood oxygen and improve the monitoring algorithm or something is better, sports, as a dead house I have no say: xwx16
: so much more, after what new content will be updated to this article in a timely manner

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