Pan opera short review: My girlfriend and Qingmei Zhuma's tragic repair of luo field

Since I haven't finished reading the film, I prefer to point out why I abandoned it than to appreciate it.


I've heard the name of the play for a long time, but I've been slow to see it.
Recently want to find some sweeter pan to eat dog food, after seeing the white hair and male hair sugar fragments began to ma
ke up. Of course, some questions have to be written in
front of me: I don't like the plot very much, so I've abandoned it, and I'm here just to express my feelings, which doesn't stop you from enjoying it.


The overall view of the first two words is OK, except for a little bit of awkwardness is acceptable, but also limited to the first two words
. The plot is rotten, even if no good painting style can not be saved, in my case, this view can be said to be worse than a certain state.

Chasing from the really cool, abandoned to the really cold, her words in the fourth words may imply something, but I still hate her. Inexp
licably messing up the life of Rui tai, deliberately making a thousand and ugly and so on... ... That's how I feel about her.


My writing is not good, the word rotten can also be used to describe this messy article. It
's not so much a short review of the play, but rather a tendency to express what I see, the sense of slow-heat generation is indistinging, SS, love asteroids such as lily daily also have a flavor... ... Sugar is also good, knives are also acceptable, but I Shuro is very different, I do not know whether the production team is intentionally or unintentionally to shape the true cool into a repulsive image, perhaps want to promote the first suppression? Or what's behind it? Personally, I think it's a bit of a haste to do this before the audience feels good about it.

I want to eat gum on my head, and the result is that the sugar paper has not been torn open to throw the sugar to me... That's why I wrote this article. Although I haven't finish
ed reading it now, but believe me in a few days will confirm the "true fragrance" therology.

I'm Siro

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