Pan Opera Amly recorded the horizon

As a work of the same period as swords and cherry blossoms, the recorded horizon has neither sword-like cool fights nor the exquisite painting style of cherry blossom houses, which at that time was already a niche work, and now it is clearly more out of line with the trend.


The recorded horizon is the name of the protagonist guild, which I personally think is taken from the city's "tea party for debauchers" and the part of the land
scape with my partners. "Fantasy Myths" an old MMORPG game, after the last update, all online players have crossed into the fantasy myth game. The main content of
the first season is the assembly of the main group, the order and development of Akihara, and the earth people." The main content of the second
season is the Silver Sword BOSS strategy, the experience of the main character group, and the thinking about whether to return to the rea
l world. Two seasons a total of 50 episodes, I summed up is really too concise, its charm still to be explored by you.


This is the most representative I have seen in recent years, immersive, as if they are also one of them, bit by bit to watch the development of Akibahara and the progress of the main group.

And the recorded horizon also belongs to the group drama, in addition to the city to benefit them, you can also see the growth of several new members, the later Shili's command ability is also by leaps and women.

Since it belongs to the group drama, the recorded horizon depicts the characters as God's pen:

In reality, the inability to act in the game again stood up, sister Shili want to return to the real world, and Wintermi is very enjoying all this.

Although the president of the silver sword refused the invitation of the round table, but he actually looked forward to the "debaucher's tea party" at the same time also admire the city, although left the Akihara, but quietly in Bono to protect the earth people, maintain law and order;

And I'm very emotional about this comment under the monologue
soundtrack: "The reason for being able to infect someone in a desperate situation is that their nature is inherently the same kind of person, and it's the real idea in his heart that's what's in everyone's heart, what they lack is just a reason to keep them firm, even if it's just a seemingly crooked reason." "

President let everyone revive the flag at the same time, but also can not help but let the city Hui into thinking "I know, directly lost confidence, can also do so?" "

There are many, many, here is not listed, this masterpiece, but also hope that you go to experience for yourself.

recorded horizon

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