Talk about website defense

It's been three or four years since the station was built, and it's never been hit once, but after sending out the blog address in the Violet after-sales group last month, the attacks have not stopped.

Since yesterday, there have even been attacks on my friend chain, and there are only two I know.

There is also a small lime from my station friend chain past hit, really amazi
ng. It was supposed to be a joke at first (all kinds of links in the group, and it turned out that the big guy blew me up (()



Shoot the clouds again


Another is Acceleration Music, which ran 200G of traffic without washing away the CC attack (I remember hundreds of millions of requests)

Defensive what?

At present, the more common is the CC-DDOS attack, Typecho's words are 17 years of that version updated the install vulnerability, the install folder and .php to delete.


Since most of the attacks I've been subjected to are CC attacks (D once on the 16th, straight into the black hole one morning), here's not much to repeat, just remember to protect the unit IP will not be beaten, the most convenient is to put a CDN on it. P.S. B
e careful not to set the default site, otherwise there is a good rate of being included by Google, or be clawed out.


The easiest way is to set up a CDN, such as another shot cloud, Tencent cloud, Cloudflare

Shoot the clouds again

I'm shooting the cloud defense settings again as follows

Kiss, this side suggested hurrying away and shooting clouds

As for why? After shooting the cloud shield IP will use HTTPS to return a 403 status code, and return status code consumption of traffic and HTTPS acceleration of the number of times the cost is to be paid by you, so as long as people have been brushing (no cost, a few dollars of student machine can brush), unless you put the acceleration service off, then you wait for the balance owed.


IP restrictions

CC protection


In fact, regarding defense, most of the settings are done under the access control label, if there is no special needs, directly in addition to the Chinese mainland IP all blacked out on the line.


Regional control


P.S. La Black is self-made

Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud's words set that IP access restrictions 2 seconds 5 times is almost, if there are too many static resources to set a bigger point, request static resources are also counted in


CF is best known for its five-second shield, but it's no use opening yesterday when I was hit (or the
same, recommended access from a third party, firewall CC policy as follows).

Rule ID: e536cd598ad14448189d65684a4965c6e Named: Block Access (Block Access), Weight: 1:
Rules: (http.request.full_uri "domain name" and not in .CN "IT")
The country behind it is referred to simply as the country that is allowed to visit


Page rules


P.S. I don't know much about this setting myself (I'll take care of myself).

Then there's the automatic shield, which is executed every minute with a scheduled task after downloading the script, and five seconds when the load is 100.

This is the defense

Finally, let's mention the settings on this machine, if you really can't set up CDN also
please set up the firewall of this machine;


Set up.


If cdN is opened here do not open, otherwise it will pull black back to the source node IP.

Then is the whitelist setting, suggested to remove the spider white list, I was killed in the group with the local CC, is because to Baidu spider white list ...

Pagoda this firewall does a good job, is to charge, hook cdN do not have to be afraid to pull black node IP such an embarrassing thing (

Code protection

This is really... What's next... Is through
PHP to determine the refresh frequency, too fast to redirect to other sites, or show that the refresh too fast, will be visited again.
.. It seems more useful that this, proxy IP exits automatically

empty ($_SERVER['HTTP_VIA']) or exit ('Access Denied');

Specific effects: I also do not know, to complete the code to go directly to Baidu to find it keyword PHP anti-CC


I'm really speechless, too.... When I first wrote, I was beaten twice more....




If it hadn't been for auto-save, I guess you wouldn't have seen this article. My pursuit
is to use the lowest cost to defend against attacks, so CF and another shot cloud voucher is of course the first choice, as far as I am concerned, I personally feel that the defense effect of the cloud is the best. Final
ly, that sentence varies from person to person, from machine to machine, configuration is high enough for you to run naked in fact it doesn't matter hhh like us 1H2G or have to set up a CDN ah

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