Typecho FAQ
I will update the answer to the strange question from Baidu statistics hhhhh every dayMarch 25Typecho custom avatar, typecho change avatarA: Typecho itself does not support custom avatars, and most themes are called gravatar avatars.Typecho has no styleA: If you don't display styles after you turn on https, you can refer to this article Typecho Full Station To Turn on Https because you have a problem with https turning on but not calling https styles. P.S. If you do not solve your problem, you can describe your problem in detail below, because I see from Baidu statistics only this keyword (Typecho changes the home pageA: Open typecho background, set-read-use a stand-alone page as the home page P.S. You can make the html file the home page by changing the default documentation in the panel.A little noteThis article will continue to be updated from today, followed by unsealed but common issues (March 26Gravatar avatar for QQThe GravatarServer mailbox avatar plug-in supports displaying QQ encrypted avatar addressesTypecho turns on https, typecho forces full station httpsTypecho full station…
Replace Typecho's Gravatar avatar source
Using an official avatar source slows down access to the countryFull station modificationAdd the following code to the .php config.inc under the root of the website.define ('__TYPECHO_GRAVATAR_PREFIX__', 'https://gravatar.loli.net/avatar/'); Replace the avatar sourceHere you're using loli.net of your avatar, which you can change to something else if you need it.More mirror sourcesP.S. just replace the address above at http://gravatar.ihuan.me/avatar/https://gravatar.proxy.ustclug.org/https://cdn.v2ex.com/gravatar/http://dn-qiniu-avatar.qbox.me/avatar
Blog CDN recommended
The following are personal opinions only, with a lot of my subjective views, for reference only, please take their actual experience as the criterion.Shanghai YundingRecommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ wall cracking recommended access to Shanghai Cloud Shield service, in addition to a slightly slower speed (domestic 5Mbps) is really great.PriceEvaluation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ free, there is a need to buy other packages (as if to buy packages also need to find customer service, in short, personal bloggers directly white on the right)ContentRating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Everything, perfect defense service, free SSL service, in zone control, you can even customize the verification method for each region individually, it's hard to imagine this is free cdn you can also record visitor IP through observation function, avoid having visitors who want to track open blocking statistical code plug-ins.Speed.Evaluation ⭐⭐⭐⭐ mentioned above, domestic 5Mbps, free version does not provide overseas nodes, speed is not fast or slow, general.Shoot the clouds againRecommended degree is not recommended Do not want to use ! Don't be greedy, poop!PriceEvaluation 0 to join and shoot the cloud alliance to send about…
Station B is good value for time: The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment
If you want to know if you want to see when you place an order or when you pay, the answer is to see when the payment is successful. However, here I need to remind you, I do not recommend you to buy B station early cost-effective, although at first it is still a conscience, but now, early cost-effective has not reduced the full amount of money, but also made the verification code this disgusting operation, coupled with the quality itself but the problem, we recommend that you do not buy B station early cost-effective goods.To be honest, I don't even recommend you continue to use the member purchase, I bought in Station B 600 plush toys (first sound fufu) everywhere open line, scar face, customer service told me normal, do not give replacement, successful replacement is to find what to do... I'll just admit itMagic reward that advice also don't touch, B station will do all kinds of winning people on the home page to catch you hooked, in fact, you will find that…
Typecho displays content when it logs in
Hard core implementation, can only be added below or above the content output.Code.The following paragraph is added .php content output in Post.Then add .php the functionfunction themefields ($layout) $video 1 s new Typecho_Widget_Helper_Form_Element_Textarea ('video1', NULL, NULL, 'login to view video', 'video address'); $layout->AddItem ($video 1); }Great success, copy and paste on it, because the implementation of too hard core on the hand-written tattered bar hhh here is the login after the display video, other content is actually the same, slightly changed on the line.